Which books did I buy in the USA?

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I was in the United States in July and I bought some books, so I made a video about it. There is a subtitle in English the video, and you can find a transcript below the video.


Good afternoon and welcome to my new episode “read with me” in which I will show you books I brought from the United States.

Books from this pile I bought in Powells, a lovely bookstore in Portland (Oregon). They are selling new and used books and it is very difficult to choose a book because there are so many good and interesting books there. You can not focus on finding just one book and you feel like a kid in a toy store.

It was a success for me to buy just these five books. I repeated to myself that I have limited luggage and that I am flying by plane. I repeated also that I do not have enough money to buy every book I want.

The first book is “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I have this e-book, but I wanted to have it in hard copy also because this book had a huge impact on me at the end of the last year. After I read this book I have started with filming these YouTube book recommendations and I made some other important decisions in my life and this book was very important to me.

And that is why I made a decision to buy this book as a gift for myself sometimes because I want to mark important pages and sentences, and to have it always but I did not want to spend much money for transport costs.

When I heard that I would travel to the United States I decided that I will buy it there as a souvenir. The price was 25$, it is hard copy and it is a new book. And I finally have something I wanted so much!

The second book from my wishlist was this “Living, Loving and Learning” by Leo Buscaglia. I was very happy when I found it in a Powells bookstore because I have been looking this book for years.

The reason why I have been looking for this book is that Scott Berkun wrote about it in one of his blog posts. He was my favorite speaker on Spark.me 2014 conference. Actually, he is my favorite speaker from all Spark.me conferences. He wrote in one his blog posts that this book had a huge impact on his life and when I read it I said – I want to read that book. And I did not find it because I think that they do not print it anymore. I found this used one in Powells bookstore and paid for it 3,50 $ and I cannot wait to read it. I will write a blog post or film a video about it probably. I shared that I found this book on Twitter and after that, I made a promise to Scott Berkun that I will share my impressions about this book

Two books by the same author – Dale Carnegie. I also read these books ten or fifteen years ago. I do not remember much from these books. I know that I liked them, but I also know that I am a different person now than I was a ten years ago. And that is why I want to know will I like these books now. These books are bestsellers, sold in million copies in past decades, so I suppose that I will like them.

I do not know why I choose this, the fifth book actually. I did not have a time for reading it yet. But when I was in that bookstore, I could not leave it. I suppose there is a reason why I was so attracted to it because that is always happening to me. I think the author of this book also writes a blog. I did not have time to look that blog either, but I know there is a reason why I bought this book. When I find that reason I will film a video or I will write a blog post.

This pile of books is some kind of souvenirs.

This is a constitution of the United States. I bought this because it is so thin. I asked a couple of times is this some kind of short version and they told me “No, that is the whole constitution of the United States”. I was impressed that such a huge country has this tiny constitution so I bought it as a souvenir.

This book is one more souvenir for me – the book with beautiful photos from Washington DC. I like Washington DC so much. So, as someone who adores books, I bought this book as a souvenir.

This book was a gift from CPJ organization where we had a meeting. The protection of journalists is a very interesting subject so I suppose that this book would be interesting for me.

These two, very heavy and very beautiful books are gifts from The Oregonian / Oregonlive. One book is about bridges and one is about football. They have wonderful photos in them. I must say that I did not have time to read them, but they are great souvenir and I think they are worth of bringing them a couple of thousand miles because they remind me of my wonderful and once in a lifetime trip.

If some of these books make an impression on me, I would share it with you. And if I do not do that, I would probably share my impressions on my Instagram stories or Instagram profile.

Thank you for your time and watching this video. Until next time, goodbye!

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