Which books did I buy in the USA?

Autor: Hana Kazazović I was in the United States in July and I bought some books, so I made a video about it. There is a subtitle in English the video, and you can find a transcript below the video. Transcript: Good afternoon and welcome to my new episode “read with me” in which I will […]

I’ve read the book “The Happiness of Pursuit” by Chris Guillebeau

Do you have something that you dream about? Something you want to do even if it sounds crazy or useless? Maybe it’s something even you think it couldn’t be done. Maybe you don’t have courage to think about it. If you have such a dream, then Chris Guillebeau wrote the book “The Happiness of Pursuit” just for you.

In this book you can find stories about people who did something they dreamed about, mostly just for themselves. This is the book about normal people doing remarkable things. Writer of the book, Chris, visited every country in the world. We can read about his quest. We also can read about the woman who traveled in every state in America, or about the man who walk whole Turkey by foot or the woman who spent more than a year on the tree to stop illegal logging in Tasmania. We can also find a story about a woman who had 50 dates in 50 states, or about a guy who 17 years abstained from motorized transport. He also didn’t speak for years, and that started from his wish to express protest against oil companies.

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