Changes in life are a marathon, not one hundred meter sprint


If I have to choose just one thing that annoys me today, it would be an obsession with speed. When I say speed I mean – everybody want the results of their actions immediately. Few people have patience to chase their goals slowly, step by step, believing that they will get to them.

I speak about life, about changes we want to make, about our jobs, skills we want to master. In fact, that is everything that fulfils one life.

One text Leo Babuta wrote inspired me to think about time.

Leo says that changes we want to make always a marathon, and not a one hundred sprint.

You know how it goes – you decide to change something about yourself, for example to lose weight. When you think about the changes, you remember that also you want stop smoking. And it would be ideal if you start some training. Of course, when you train you must eat healthier food. It would be nice if you could read a little bit more and watch TV less.

So, here you have a list of all things you want to change, but you do not have a magic wand. And you try all this and give up because it is difficult and it is much easier to push all that changes by the side and live like you used earlier.

I agree with Leo and I can say from my own experience that all changes require time, patience and persistence. They require a faith in success. Maybe the faith is the first thing you need, because without faith all these other things would not be possible. Step by step, day by day, slowly toward your goal – that is how you can change your habits.

You know how it is said you need 21 days to form a new habit. Yes, 21 day persistent and conscious work on just one habit. Even if that habit is simple, like changing the place where you put your stuff when you enter your home. When we have changes which includes emotions, and all changes we want to make are usually like that, it is more difficult. They all need time and persistence. It is important to always believe in them because without that faith we would not have courage to get out of our comfort zone every day.

I liked a lot when in Tony Robbins book “Awake the giant within” I read about Kobe Bryant who needed to miss the basket. That was the hardest part to record. Why? Because Kobe Bryant was trained to hit the basket. He really had a problem to miss the basket.

Scientist proved that during repetitions one same action in our brain is setting a bond which strengthens with time. It literally looks like you connect two points in brain with rope. The more often you repeat the action – the bond strengthens and the rope is thicker.  This is how you make a routine, like Kobe get used to throw the ball and hit the basket almost always.

The good news is – when you stop repeating the action, a bond is weaker over time. That is the reason why we have to spend so much time for changing habits, and why we have to be so persistent until we make a new one.

It is not easy to learn brain to ignore chocolates and to pick up some fruits when we enter a store. It takes time. There is not an easy way to stop starting your day with local news and politics on your computer.

Every change needs time and persistence. And it is good to know that we have to work on them. One by one, or all together – depends from your own wishes and will.



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Believe in perseverance and positive attitude. Huge book worm, nature lover and tea drinker. True believer in the Golden Rule: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

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