Cruising through the Boka Kotorska bay – one day trip full of good impressions

Published on January 9, 2014 at the main blog

Last year in September I went on cruising through the Boka Kotorska bay. That was organized as a part of, the internet conference, which was held in Becici (Montenegro) for participants, to relax after two days of interesting lectures.

This was my third visit to Montenegro. I was on the school excursion in 1995, also in Becici, and that was my first visit. My second visit was Madonna’s concert held on beach Jaz near Budva in 2008.



We went on the trip by bus from Becici to Tivat. I didn’t know how far is that and was very surprised because driving lasted only half an hour. We arrived in Porto Montenegro in Tivat and all yachts that anchored there amazed me. You can see there two types of yachts. There are many smaller yachts on the right side of the port than on the left side. Yachts on the left side of the path are huge and they cost a fortune.

In Porto Montenegro we boarded the ship for our cruising. The ship is on two levels. On the first level, in the closed cab is the restaurant. On the second level are benches and tables for enjoying in cruising.


And we started our trip at  11 o’clock. I feel sad because I do not have a road map and didn’t know  where we were sailing. A few passengers recognized islands around us and I enjoyed the scenery.

krstarenje (1)


And then it was time for lunch. This is what I chose from the buffet. I must choose from a large choice of dishes, mostly seafood.


We all got out on deck after lunch and sat on benches to watch the landscape. We stopped at the island named Gospa od Škrpjela. There is another island beside that which name is Sveti Đorđe. Both of them are worth-seeing  and I enjoy this visit. If you ever have a chance to visit them – do it.




Our next stop was in Perast. It is small, adorable town below the mountain. I wish if we had more time to see more of it, but unfortunately we didn’t. I’ll do it if I ever visit this town again.




Our trip continued and we went to Kotor. While we were sailing toward Kotor we saw many steps leading to the old town. It would be interesting to climb up there. I assumed the view from this point is amazing. Maybe I’ll try that on the next trip to Montenegro.


We went from Kotor to Becici by bus again. This ride lasted a little longer than the ride from Becici to Tivat, but not much longer. Montenegro is a small country and everything is close, especially on seaside. And that is great because you don’t need much time to visit many interesting and beautiful places here.

Cruising through the Boka Kotorska bay was interesting and relaxing short trip. I recommend you try it for yourself. I am glad that our organizers enable this to us.


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