Do you have some ritual which helps you to bring back your good mood?

What do you do when you feel bad? Do you have some ritual which helps you to bring back your good mood? Maybe you have a favorite song that makes you smile? Maybe their words wipe your sorrow? Maybe you have a corner for hiding until the black cloud does not pass?

I have something like that for about a year and a half. It is placed in the “cloud” and I call it “My optimistic bell”.

Actually, it is a folder in Dropbox and it looks like this.




In this folder I keep screenshots and photos of all nice experiences that happened to me. I put here nice messages, compliments and everything that made me happy, even just for a moment.

That optimistic bell pulled me out of sad moments many times. I called it by that name because I imagine it like a bell that covers me completely and isolates me from the rest of the world. It is transparent, so I can see everything, but nothing from the outside bothers me.

First, I think to call it “bubble “, because I imagine myself in a soap bubble. But I changed that because I could not figure out how to get into a bubble ūüėÄ

So, that is why it is the bell.

When I am hipped, I open it and look all that moments on the screen, read all compliments and messages and I become happy again. All that reminds me that I have many nice and happy moments in my life, and that my worries are temporary. It literally works like a real bell in which you can enter and isolate yourself from all negativity.

It is nice to have all these things in one place. Facebook comments that made you happy, photos of places where you were happy, friends that made you smile or words that makes your day extraordinary – all that is the genuine source of pure happiness.

This practice leads me to one more positive habit. Now I live with all my heart, looking around myself and paying attention on things that are around me. Especially I pay attention to feelings. I do not run through life, because I live here and now. And when I feel something boost my mood, I record it, picture it, write it and put that in my bell.

I recommend this to everyone. It does not have to be like this, in the cloud. You can use a box in which you can put written notes or items that reminds you of something. It could be a planner or a note in which you can write your feelings and experiences that made you feel better.

And then, when you feel bad you can sit with your “bell” and start from the beginning. Trust me, when you collect a solid amount of good memories in your bell, you will not have to come to the end for feeling better. Much earlier you will bring back a smile to your face.

And that is only that matters, isn’t it?


Post Author: Hana Kazazovic

Believe in perseverance and positive attitude. Huge book worm, nature lover and tea drinker. True believer in the Golden Rule: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

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