I used to be afraid of animals. Now I can hardly imagine life without them.

My Mom never allowed me to have a pet. She said: “It is not good to have a pet because you will tied to them, and you will suffer a lot when they die”.

And I have lived that way for almost 30 years. I have never had a pet, except a rabbit, fish and parrot for a while. We gave them to our friends. We gave the parrot because I am afraid of birds and we never didn’t let him out from the cage. The rabbit we gave because we must harvested a grass for him and brother and I were young. And fish? She (or he?) died.

I must admit that I was even afraid of animals, despite the fact I did not know them. I was afraid of dogs, and even cats I looked from a distance. Other types of animals I did not see often. But – my favorite book from childhood, one that I most read, was “The encyclopedia of animals”. I think I was always interested in them, despite all the facts.

Shortly after I started living with my husband on the first floor, one cat start coming on the balcony. We have been feeding her. In the beginning I abstained. My husband pet her and I almost run from her. But, she has the mission to change my attitude about animals. And she was persistent. She always walk around me, scratching her head of my leg. When I allowed her to jump in my lap for the first time her mission was accomplished. In fact, I must say that – it was the beginning of my new life, full of animals :))

Couple of months later cat gave birth to three kittens. That was all new for me and I learned a lot on the internet and from the people on social media. I must admit I was surprised when I realized how many my internet friends have pets – cats or dogs. After few years I totally understand them because I cannot imagine my life without pets.

Cats changed my attitude about animals. They released me from fear of animals. I looked at them as a special creatures from the beginning and I tried to understand their behavior. I wanted to be a friend with them and I never looked them as a fluffy toys. They are living being and they have their needs and nature. I read a lot to understand them and to learn how to live with them in good company.

Life took care for one more lesson – the lesson about losing a pet. From three kittens born on our balcony, one became our pet. We called him “Hadžo”. He sleep and eat in our apartment, but he also used to walk around neighborhood. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car when he was crossing the street. Both of us were sad. That pain can only understand someone who experienced such a loss. Many people say “It is just an animal” and they cannot understand that the animal was a member of your family.

I thought that I will never have a pet again because all that binding and potential loss was painful. In the meantime the pain blunted and I find myself remembering happy times with Hadžo. I suddenly realized it is just a matter of time when new cat will get in my life.

It happened a couple of months later, when my husband found Laki on the bench. He was surounded with a few dogs which, fortunately, were sleeping. That was almost three years ago and I never regret for that. He became my friend and my everyday source of fun and lough.


About a year ago Frki came in our lives, crying loud in front of the door at 3 am.


When people say that pet lives shorter than an owner, I always say we have no guarantee how long anyone of us will live. Assumption is that we will live longer than our pet, but that may not be true. Besides, a pain is part of life. There is no way to avoid pain. We lose people in our lives, but it does not prevent us to love people or to bounding with them.

Love is worth the risk. And pets are an inexhaustible source of love.

And who does not want a little more love in life?

P.S: I have two male cats, but I am not a classic cat person. I will surely have a dog in the future. A dog requires more care and at this moment I do not have enough time for that.

They are friends now
And partners in all mischiefs

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Believe in perseverance and positive attitude. Huge book worm, nature lover and tea drinker. True believer in the Golden Rule: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

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