Why have I opened a new Twitter profile in English?

Autor: Hana Kazazović

I have opened it a few years ago for a different purpose actually, but now I start to use it regularly. And I also opened a new Instagram account too.

I have a Twitter account in my language with almost 10.000 followers. You can see it here – @cyberbosanka. And I’ve been using it more than 6 years and it changed a lot. While in a first few years I could find many useful links and stories on Twitter, now I am finding only chatting and not much useful or interesting content.

The problem is that all people I follow on my domestic Twitter account became some kind of my friends. I met in person many of them and I love them and they often remind me of my family – we know each other well and we love each other but we don’t have to spend a lot of time together.

I don’t know why this happened. Maybe it is always happening when you ‘spend’ much time with someone.

But when that happened, Twitter lost his charm for me. And I thought that was the Twitter problem, I thought this Social Network lost its charm.

And then I visited the United States last month. During that visit I met a lot of people who told me they use Twitter for information, connecting with people, sharing ideas, learning… all kinds of stuff that I had on Twitter a couple of years ago.

So I found some of that people and first I was thinking about following them from my domestic account. And then a language problem popped out.

Why would anyone of them follow me if I write in my language? And I can write in English there too, but I know that a part of my followers wouldn’t understand me. It would be a huge change in my interests too, and I gave up on that. It is completely two different audiences and they must be separate.

I decide to start a whole new story with a new Twitter profile and with some kind of a new me. I already said that I know this US visit have changed my life and I still don’t know how. I hope I will find out that soon.

Until then I choose this every day stepping out from my comfort zone. Using another language and focusing on something different from my everyday routine is not so familiar to me. But I want that. And I really believe in that “what goes in – goes out” so I want to follow people who inspire me.

So, that is why I now have @tiladotme on Twitter and @tila.me on Instagram. I connected them with this blog which I would try to write on a regular basis too.


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