Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone


I’ve been writing a blog in my native language for 5 years and it has a large impact on me and my life. I wrote about that in my blog post Who Am I And What I’ve Got From Writing My Blog. But if you ask me what is the most important thing that my blog gave to me I say – self-confidence.

I am the introvert person and when I am surrounded with many people I usually don’t talk. I don’t know what others may think of me in such situations, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they think I’m stupid 🙂 Writing a blog gave me the chance to show myself the way I am. I wrote about different things during these five years. Sometimes I write about using social media for business because I am amazed with the impact and possibilities they have on business today. These posts helped me to find my current employment because my blog was my resume. I didn’t have a job interview also – knowledge from my posts was enough. I work as a community manager in Prime Communications, marketing and public relations firm from Banja Luka. And I work remotely, because Zenica, the town where I live since my birth, is about 180 km far from Banja Luka.

My blog enabled me to visit many interesting conferences about marketing and business during these five years. Sometimes organizers invited me as official blogger and a couple of times I even was a speaker. Yes, I had a huge stage fright because of that. I don’t like being at the center of attention at all and speaking in front of many people was my worst nightmare. But at the end it was a very important experience for me. I learned that stepping out of my comfort zone was not the end of the world. And more importantly – I am not a bad speaker at all, I just need practice.

These conferences enabled me to meet many interesting people from the whole Region. I have to explain this – the Region is the name for the countries that were part of the former Yugoslavia. It consists of Bosnia and Herzegovina (my country), Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovenia. These countries have similar language and culture, and despite we are separated we have many connections. Especially business connections are strong.

Conferences are usually held in different countries. was held in Montenegro and that is also the best conference I’ve visited. I was there as an official blogger. lectures are held in English because speakers were from the whole world. This year there was Alf Rehn, Scott Berkun, David Armano, Ivan Hernandez etc.)

Except I visited some conferences in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I met a lot of people that I follow on Twitter or read their blogs. Some of them became my friends.

My domestic blog and Twitter profile are my comfort zones now. When I write there I feel like I’m in my living room or in a room full of my friends. I know all of them. Even if I didn’t meet everybody in person, I know what they do, read, think about different things. It is a good feeling, but at the same time I feel like I need something more.

That is why I started this blog and Twitter profile in English, with people from whole over the world. And this is something I call stepping out of my comfort zone. Why?

As an introvert, I didn’t use my chances to improve my English when I had them. Every time I met somebody who spoke only English I shut up like a fish. My fear of mistakes was huge and I chose not to say anything. I’ve been learning English from my fifth grade of elementary school, and even that wasn’t enough for getting the courage to speak. And I think it’s time to change that because I want to get to know the world and people from whole over the world.

I know that I am making mistakes when I write or speak in English and I still have a fear because of it. But I decided to practice every day and learn every day and this blog and Twitter profile in English are an important part of that experience. I know I must be persistent because my goal is write in English as well as I write in my native language. I like writing and want to write all my life. And I want to meet people from the whole world because I already feel like I’m a citizen of the world, despite I’ve never visited any country except countries from this Region.

So this is my stepping out of my comfort zone with all my fears. Wish me good luck! And feel free to correct my mistakes in comments. Learning from my mistakes would be the best way, I think.

Post Author: Hana Kazazovic

Believe in perseverance and positive attitude. Huge book worm, nature lover and tea drinker. True believer in the Golden Rule: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

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