A few thoughts after reading “Slipstream Time Hacking…” by Benjamin P. Hardy

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I’ve read the book “Slipstream Time Hacking – How to Cheat Time, Live More and Enhance Happiness” and it completely changed my perception of time. This is one of these books that when you read it you can actually feel how the wheels in your brain start moving in a different way. Everything looks the same, but you have a clearer picture of your life and you want to share that feeling with other people.

That is the reason why I write this post, and I will write it also on my domestic blog.

What is the book “Slipstream Time Hacking” about?

This book is about time and our perception of time. After I’ve read this book I finally realized why I have the feeling like I am moving slowly on my ‘life’s highway’. I’ve always had a feeling everybody is faster than me and I’ve always wanted to speed up and move faster.

Now I know how to speed up my life. I’ll tell you later that.

“What if rather than focusing on how long something took, we focused on how far we went?” – that is one question from the book.

I remembered how a salesman in Washington DC last month asked me where my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina is. I couldn’t tell him the exact distance because I don’t know it either. Then he asked me – How long is the flight from there? About twelve hours, I answered.

And that is exactly the point of this book. It does not matter how many miles is from Bosnia to the United States because it is not the same if you travel that distance by plane or by ship.

Time is the only ‘thing’ in our life we cannot buy or earn, and we also have it in a limited amount. We also don’t know how much time we have in our lives. Regardless, we use to spend it like we have it in unlimited amount, on the things that don’t matter to us, on activities that bother us or with the people we don’t like.

I used to spend my time irresponsibly, I can see it clearly now. I’ve never thought about time as our only currency. That is probably the reason why this sentence by Benjamin Hardy hit me in the face:

“To waste our time is to waste ourselves”

When you realize that you are your time, you would surely think about how you want to spend it. I’ve been thinking about it since I’ve finished this book. And I am ready to make some important changes in my life.

“If you feel stuck, your universe is begging you to change”

I felt stuck many times in my life. When I think about that situations now I’ve realized after them I always changed something. I wish if I could read this sentence two decades ago. It could save me a lot of time because I would know I have to change something immediately.

One sentence from the book is the quotation by Tyler Rex. He said:

“Anything is possible, but not everything is possible”

This is also good to know because we often tend to multitask. I often want a couple of things at the same time, even if I know the first step to success is a focus. This is good for remembering that I have to choose what is most important to me and give up some things.

One of the most inspiring parts of the book for me was one that compares our life with a flight. It is the most important thing to know – how are you piloting your life, where is your destination and what feedback you receiving to correct your course.

We cannot rely on autopilot in our life. As Benjamin Hardy said:

“One thing is certain, life rewards those who act – the hustlers; not the wishers”.

It is not enough to have a wish – we have to act.

The most important lesson from this book for me is:

“Goal of this book is to slow down and move further. You can’t do that in a frantic race from one activity to the next. You can’t slow your time by being busy. You can only slow your time by being present, living a life of congruence, and by choosing to relate on a trusting and vulnerable level with those you love”.

I think I’ve found the way how to speed up my life in this paragraph. I don’t have to speed myself. I have to bring diversity in my everyday activities and I have to be more present. I know this is the right way because the way I live now is quite the opposite so that I have to change.

This whole book was enlightening for me. I would recommend it to everyone who feels time slips through their fingers or feels stuck in life. It really helps for changing perspective and sometimes it is only we need to move toward something we actually want.

You can get this book in electronic version for free if you subscribe to benjaminhardy.com. I did it and I can say that was one smart decision in my life.

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