Who Am I And What I’ve Got From Writing My Blog?

5This is the first post on my blog in English. I write every day in my mother tongue and I feel like I already wrote everything I could. I love writing and my goal is to live from writing someday. I read a lot because I believe much reading is the first step to good writing. I read fifty five books in 2013. I read various kinds of books and many of them were in English.

When I say how many books I read people think I don’t do anything except reading. It’s not true. I read in my spare time and I don’t watch television at all so I can devote more time to reading. I work as a Community Manager and I work from home so I don’t spend time going to work. And I believe that time spent with a book is the best time spent.

I have been writing my blog Cyber Bosanka since 2009. My blog has a large impact on my life. Two and a half years ago I wrote a post about me searching for a job. When I wrote it, I was the owner of a small gift shop in Zenica. My business was in crisis. My friends and people who love me would say it was because Zenica is such a city. I would say the only reason for the crisis was me. I didn’t know how to solve problems and I made some wrong decisions. But, I found myself in trouble. I wanted to close my gift shop and the first step was to find a new job. I wrote an honest blog post about myself and my skills.  That post reads director and owner of Prime Communications, a firm from Banjaluka. It is a Public Relations and marketing firm and they just started with their digital department. They gave me a job as Community Manager for their clients and I accepted it. The offer was exceptional because I could work from my home in Zenica, which is 130 kilometers away from Banjaluka. And I have been working at Prime since then. So, when someone asks me what I have from writing my blog, I usually say a job.

That, and many friends in the whole region. When I say „region“ I mean all countries that were once part of Yugoslavia, a country where I was born. Nonetheless, I’ll write about that in some following posts.

Post Author: Hana Kazazovic

Believe in perseverance and positive attitude. Huge book worm, nature lover and tea drinker. True believer in the Golden Rule: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

2 thoughts on “Who Am I And What I’ve Got From Writing My Blog?


    (August 24, 2014 - 7:56 pm)

    Hi Hana,
    55 Books is impressive! I’d be happy to get through 5 a year.
    A job is a fantastic result from a blog.
    From my blog, I’ve managed to connect with people (like yourself) with similar interests. It’s pretty amazing since we would probably have never connected any other way.
    It’s amazing what’s possible online : )

    Kind regards,

      Hana Kazazovic

      (August 25, 2014 - 5:45 am)

      Hi Daragh,
      I agree – the best thing I’ve got from writing my blog is connecting with people with similar interests. I am grateful every day for my decision to start writing blog.
      Thank you for your comment – this is actually the first comment on my blog in English 🙂

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